Head Pain

Trying to keep a chin up, it's not going very well, however I feel a little better from the support I have from my special one . I doodled this testing out what supposed "pencil" brushes were out there for Photoshop7, no luck so far I really need to get my hands on PhotoShopCS4. In a weird way the doodle reminds me of Koge-Donbo*'s style.

on the fashion frount, oh god why do these shops make me want to cry
From Angelic Pretty:
Royal Loyal Jacket
Royal Pleated Skirt

From Baby, The Stars Shine Bright:
Blooming Snow White JSK
Karami ribbon onepice

Bad enough I'm into Lolita but also into Gyaru
Must lose weight...must find a way to juggle classes to get a decent part time job for all the stuff I'd like (fat chance really but let me dream, I am a girl too you know)
amutrans copy
Back to drawing...I'm getting there...almost there but still not there yet.
It's beginning to look very unlikely I'll be attending Fanime Con in May, I'll keep trying but it's very unlikely but at the very least I hope to be at Yaoi Con in September/October in San Francisco.
Back to studying =A=;...I hate Marketing
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