so again FC2 doesn't want me to upload images, so this entry will have to be edited later.
For the past week or so I have been stressed out beyond belief but now everything looks like it's going to be smooth sailing.

I passed my Color Theory Final so I know that'll be a no brainer good grade, today is my Design class final which I had better get an A after having to make a book for the final.
Now I don't mean we got to take pages we worked on, get a whole punch and string together with ribbon which I think would have been adorable.
High gloss pages with spiral binding (i.e it couldn't look cheap) and ended up costing 30.00
it's not as if the images in it are even mine, we had to find photo examples of definitions from the internet and go from there.

I started also my Analysis of Form and Digital Photography and Illustration this week and so far the digital photo& illust is winning out.

soon I'll also have my swimming class, get more exercise cause finals week always seems to be the most unhealthy time of my life. Also I'll have a nice all over even tan...well actually I'm already tan, I'll just become darker.

after all that I'll have a nice short vacation to see my boyfriend (my boyfriend purchased my ticket before certain things were confirmed and there's no way to get it refunded)

I'm going to work on some other things this summer so like i said before it looks like it's going to be relaxing from here on out.

Here is my final for colour theory
the assignment was to do a self portrait which could be about different us's. So from the top left going across its, Lolita me, Geek me, Artist me, and Gyaru me
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