It's such a shame, but it's always been the same

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Sounds: Agatha Christie's Poirot
Well I've long since been back from my excursion to the De Young Museum's Birth of Impressionism exhibit, and the only photo I got to take was this one. I understood that I probably wouldn't be allowed to take photos of the exhibit but even the grounds?!
The exhibit wasn't all that pleasing either, after a slight snafu on the BART thanks to Google Maps and quickly correcting it, When I finally arrived the museum was oddly packed for a Wednesday which made enjoying it all but possible. Only nice thing was enjoying the cafe for a short amount of time before heading home. That and I will thankfully get to write about one of my favorite painters, James Tissot. I was able to recognize his style in the exhibit and found one of his paintings: Portrait of Mademoiselle L.L. (Young Woman in a Red Jacket) 1864

Not much to write about at present, busy busy busy. Next Saturday I'll be trying a new hairdresser, my current one seems to be M.I.A
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