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In a few hours I'll be off towards the de Young Museum in San Fransisco for a feildtrip with my Colour Theory Class. For those who don't know the Musée D'Orsay in Paris is being renovated for it's 25th Anniversary so the de Young has some of it's paintings on loan while this is happening. The exact exhibit we'll be seeing is "The Birth of Impressionism" and it'll be quite a trek up there but one I believe I will be fully capable of making my way with my previous experience around SF as of late. If not I can simply follow my best judgment and call a taxi.

Still trying to find any sort of job, even with terrible pay or small hours. I applied last night for a website's customer service position, I'm hoping at the very least to get it and have some more experience for my resume, however small. It does get very disheartening after not hearing back from anyone.

It's also quite annoying when during this time you find out there's a bunch of things you need to buy, there are things you want to buy or in my case both.
The Need is more stuff for art class, It's frustrating for me to keep finding out that my syllabus that I received at the beginning of the year has been far from accurate because I've constantly had to buy more things on top of it. For our final in Colour theory we shall be doing self portraits and I'll not only need new paper but I'll need the mandated medium, Airbrush medium to be exact.

I'm not a painter, I really dislike painting with acrylics and far prefer what I can do digitally. So far for this whole class I've shelled out the collected money it took to get my Wacom Intuos 3 and it hasn't ruined any of my clothes or demanded I buy more things on top of it. I also never have to worry about the colours drying before i could use it or having it dry in shades darker than I had wanted. Now I am not saying that traditional painting is all bad, I'm glad I can do it far more effectively now than previously and it has been of great help for me digitally. I still just don't like the idea of it being impossible to clean my "I My Boyfriend" shirt because tiny spots of paint won't come off of it.

The want is oddly enough not of a Lolita nature but more of a makeup one. I don't wear much if any make up, and I prefer a more natural look, I've come to especially liking the dewy look. So the other day I got to try out some products from Benefit Cosmetics.
First was a lovely Primer called "That Gal" Honestly it evened my tone and really brightened it up. When I looked it up on Sephora.com and read the reviews from what I could see it looks like it works more for tanner tones but I could be wrong, wither way it was perfect for my tan complexion. Then came "You Rebel". Again, goes better with tan tones, if you have a lighter complexion, You Rebel Lite is for you. Finally I was finished with "Benetint". Seriously after it was all done being applied I was so sold, I just didn't have all the cash for it. Maybe I'll go piece by piece next time and start with "That Gal" first.
Other wants have all been Crime/Detective Novels.
Well I better get ready to go out. I'll take lots of pictures and post them and enjoy some lunch at the Museum. Their menu looks very nice, though as expected, expensive.
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