I'm not that smart

Mood: Uncomfortable (because of the heat) otherwise cheerful
Sounds: Agatha Christie's Poirot

Busy busy busy, between painting and other stuff I've managed to not just injure my finger but both my knees, this weekend I have to get some cloth braces or something.

I read up on alot of things on the internet, from Japanese food blogs to Kotaku.com and I stumbled upon something new for me to check up on which I find VERY stimulating reading:

This is the sort of thing that fascinates me. After reading a few articles together, Jamie and I started talking alot about various thing in regards to the various topics. I especially recommend reading The Dunning-Kruger Effect article, if you are practicing in the arts in any sort of way you'll see why, though I can see the effect translating to just about any and every subject/hobby/profession.


Must get back to classwork and wondering just what the hell I'm going to do about school, so far only positive coming my way is getting to see Jamie again in August.
Wish me luck everyone

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