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I know I haven't posted for a while, I got very sick essentially back to back and had lots of school and other drama to deal/put up with. Needless to say I'm going to be quite busy ever still, got two midterms with in days of eachother for Politics and Federal Income Tax, to my sheer disgust I discovered I didn't actually "need" to take politics as I had been told to get into a certain school and now it's too late to drop and I don't want my GPA negatively affected by it.

In other news my birthday is coming up and to be honest it looks like it's going to be one of the worst. Aside from a few things out of my control my actual birthday will be spent busy in class and taking an exam. I was hoping I'd have a good birthday but I can chuck that heartfelt idea out the window.

Only other productive thing I've done aside from studying is actually update my Flickr.
But in better news I received a package from my boyfriend.

Teddy's in the pic to give a sence of scale.

My copy came with the OST and an artbook, though it's smaller than I had hoped it doesnt mean I don't prefer it to the crack job I would have gotten had I ordered the American Preorder ($5 buck off my ass)

Random page inside, showing the concept art for Bayonetta.

The other goodie that I got that didn't come with the American version was a replica of the gun Bayonetta wears/uses.
I'm surprised it was so heavy! apparently it's made of metal.

it also comes with a lovely stand

Jamie was also kind enough to send me some of my books along with my copy of Bayonetta, seen here are Volumes 1&2 of Kure-nai, Vols 1-5 of Earl Cain and Vols 1& 2 of  Grand Guignol Orchestra (Kaori Yuki's latest, I need to go pick up vol 3)

Just for an extra some drawings I did yesterday in Life Drawing
anyway I gotta go back to studying =A= maybe I can squeeze in a nap
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