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It's already New Years and I've been sick for most of my break!
I had a more or less pleasant Christmas and being sick has only made my time off dull.
Now that it's 2010 I wrote up my New Years Resolutions!
TO DO LIST FOR 2010-2011:

Improve on:
Losing Weight
(I've already lost 10-15lbs so I gotta keep it up)

Art/Drawing/ Illustrations
(I keep getting discouraged when I draw, ink, colour anything lately and refuse to finish it unless it's a commission, even then I have a nasty habit of redoing it from scratch. So I'm gonna draw and improve!)

Go Swimming 3xs a week
(I really enjoy swimming, and I'm pretty good at it so I want to keep at it as part of my exercise regiment)

Exercise/Gym 3xs a week
( I know I already listed exercising/losing weight but pyo)

Spending time with my friends
(Jamie and I had a heart to heart about things and Jamie feels that I'm not spending anytime with any of my friends so this year I'm going to work harder at taking the time to hang out more)

School/ Academy

Start on:

Drivers License

(I really need to get myself places and I'm really hating the bus, I'll still use the train to commute between home and SF)

Part time Job
( I know the times are hard, but I really really need to get some more cash coming my way)

( Got my new machine so I gotta take what I've learned and apply it)

(I never passed pre-algreba and that is bothersome to me so I'm going to teach myself / take classes on improving my math skills to at least average levels)

Artist Alley
(I keep saying next year, next time so this year I'm going to fucking go to at least 1 con and sell pins, prints and god knows, now I really need to get a button maker...)

Future Adventures
( I need to find out a whole bunch of legal stuff for this and start planning on getting my own place)
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