So busy while relaxing

Mood: Festive but tired
Sounds: Ghost Hunters

PinkXmas.gif Nine days till Christmas!
I'm so giddy, Hopefully I'll be meeting up with my friends to swap gifts. I know I'm defiantly meeting up with one but the others are up in the air. My Holiday has not just been about sleeping and drinking cocoa, been studying (Drivers Licence), working out, and drawing. I had gotten two private commissions the other day. I was stoked about it because one of them is from a new client with whom I hope to keep. He says he likes my style and so far is please with the progress of the piece so I'll keep my fingers crossed if you will.
Just a teaser, it's actually alot further than this (inked and base colours). I've also been working on my Christmas drawings so they should be posted a few days before Christmas.

Aside from that, ugh my hair, it's gotten messed up by the cold weather, so itchy and dry. I need to get my hair done soon. It also doesn't help that the water heater in my home is broken and needs to be repaired.

Oh any my tree has changed ever so slightly,
Current Tree

Just messed with the drawing function on my blog, I'll mess with it some more later
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