I'm So excited and I just can't hide it

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Passed my Diabetes quiz/exam with full marks in my Health and Fitness Class, Just still need to cram in the hours at the gym, but I'm enjoying it. It gives me the chance to think/day dream and get all the stress (and fat) off of me. Thanksgiving is around the bend so already planning things out for that. What I'm even more excite about is next Saturday I'm having a small outing with my family to San Francisco to pick up a few things and finally see the Baby the Stars Shine Bright store! I'm so so so so so unbelievably excited. I know I don't live impossibly far away from SF (roughly 45-60ish minutes) but it's always been a case of not having time or money to go there. I know I might not walk away with anything (though I at least intend to buy at the very least something) but I'll be happy enough to just take photos of the place and get to see my favorite brand line up close and oh dear I'm just rambling on aren't I..
I really hope they'll still have these two dresses and skirt there for me to at the very least look at.
Beardsley Alice
Victorian Card
Nightmare Castle
Nightmare Castle Skirt
From what I've read from other Lolitas visiting there, there happens to be a great little crepe shop in the vicinity. I thought it be nice to check it out but I'm not 100% sure. It sounds nice as a snack/light lunch but not as a main meal for the outing. I'll have to look in to it further.
I feel so sleepy with this weather, then again I love this weather! I'm glad its all over cast and blustery. It's the best time to stay inside all warm with a mug of tea or cocoa, seriously thats bliss. Throw in some rain and I'm set.
Anyway got some little things to take care of before heading off to the gym.
I also swear I'm not going to let Thanksgiving be my binge day. I can't let my hard work slip because of it.
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