Mood: Unwell
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The cold is making whats left of my cough act up. Hot tea will take care of it but it's still annoying.
Although I said I'd be working on my art I recently got 'Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper" for the PC. I enjoy detective/mystery as much as I enjoy my Victorian/ Ripper-ology, the sheer fact that they are combined makes it even better for me. It's a short game with a distinct time line and I'll probably finish it up in a day or so. This lead to a deep discussion between my boyfriend and I about the issues the game had with story and content. As much as I am enjoying it, various things are doctored up with Photoshop or story wise that don't follow either the protocol of the times, the way a certain character would act or even the facts surrounding the case (I don't want to take up journal space discussing other things they say the killer is like when enough evidence around today proves otherwise). What it came down to was how to write a good mystery and both of our problems with it. Even though I've already planned out what I was going to give my boyfriend for Christmas I think I have a few more ideas on what to send.
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