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Still studying, mainly reading over notes and making new notes. I really hope I do well on Thursday. I found out that I need to have clocked in 25 hours at the gym before Thanksgiving so I got to go in quite a few more times, so I'll probably not be posting alot till the Thanksgiving Holidays.
Even though I didn't get my Halloween picture done in time that hasn't hampered my creativity. I have a new sketch that I've been working on but can't do much with till after Sunday.
As many of my adventures go via the internet I stumbled across a few interesting things
I love those delicious French almond delights, from what I understand that, sugar aside, these are better for you than most cookies/sweets because it uses almond meal so higher in protein and low in gluten. I've had quite a few here in the Bay Area and plenty in Australia and love them. I'll probably have one (very much against my diet) the next time I go out with friends. Still they are delightful and this book helps you make them.
This made me for some reason recall my Gothic&Lolita Magazines, and I went to see what was the latest one in Japan only to discover or more correctly re-discover two Japanese Cafe/Restaurants I would love to visit, however I'd need the perfect Lolita ensemble to go in them.
Vampire Cafe
Alice Cafe
Both cafes are themed in every way from the decor, the staff, the drinks, the menu and the parties they give for birthdays and such.
Oh how I'd love to go.
oh well
Back to studying.
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The French almond delights are they cookies?
You mention that they are made out of almond , but what is the filing made of.
We've had them before Mana at Left Bank. One time they were chocolate and another time they were raspberries with berries for the filling.
Yes they are a kind of cookie and the filling depends.
Sometimes people use a ganache and others use custard. I've even heard you can use mousse or jam as well. So I guess its a matter of how you want to make them