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I've been feeling so tired lately, I know its probably just the stress of two midterms and working out as well as other life stressors. Some good things have happened and some disappointments have as well but all I can do is have hope, try hard and persevere...and maybe take a nap or two. I've been so wrapped up with everything that I haven't even really made time for Halloween which I feel really disappointed about. I hope I can pump out my Halloween picture in time.
I hope to get the part time job I applied for, I really really do. I haven't been commissioned for art alot as of late and with the holidays around the corner its more pressing.

In other news I came across something I didn't expect. My love of Lolita Fashion isn't new and currently I think Baby the Stars Shine Bright is my favorite brand. When just yesterday I discovered an old dress they did a while back.
This one is the "Virgin Mary Kinari" JSK, as I said its one of their older dresses and I don't know, I'm not particularly religious (I'm Agnostic) but I think the detail is quite charming.

Aside from that I'm taking just a tiny break from studying, I'm hoping I can have my Halloween picture done by tomorrow.
It's getting there

I'm still shocked and appalled how people are selling the Vampire Requiem on the other Lolita places I visit for $300-400.00 USD. *sigh*
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