Sounds: Most Haunted Places in America

Still sick, quite honestly having the worst few days with this damned cough and now growing congestion. My Doctor visit yesterday achieved nothing, but that wasn't the end to my bad day.
Never heard back from the Academy Director when we had scheduled to talk yesterday, she also hasn't replied to my email. My hairdresser can't find time for me unless it's during the week to which I'd have no way of getting there, Baby never called me back about the skirt I wanted to know if they had in stock. Various other issues are bothering me still which all culminate with me feeling the lowest low at the moment.
Not much else to say, the coughing is becoming unbearable.
Here's my progress with my Halloween picture:
Still not sure about the arms...still got a long way to go. Now I'm going to do my Politics home work and crawl back to bed.
When I get better I really need a spa day or something
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