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I know I know I changed the theme of my blog, well it's officially October now which means it's closer and closer to Halloween. So it only seemed appropriate to change the theme in regards to that. I'll change it back again after Halloween, though I REALLY should learn how to make these themes myself.

Before I left for my vacation I made preparations to have my monitor which was having some weird issues to be sent back to the manufacturers to be fixed. It arrived back yesterday thankfully and after taking some time to find where some of my things had been moved I had it plugged in again, Goodness I've been away from it for too long, I remember thinking it was too high and now I contemplate getting a few books to have the stand sit on.

My coughing fits haven't really changed, thankfully I have an appointment to speak with the doctors about it. On the health related note I'm back on my no soda or high sugar diet. Been mostly drinking bottled and brewed tea. Also I've been using a nifty little app on my iTouch called "Lose it". It's really good when you want to keep from eating a certain amount of food though I wish the data base it uses could be updated by the users as well. Yesterday I had a Mushroom stuffed Polenta triangle from Whole Foods (VERY delicious might I add) and I had to break down EVERYTHING.

Anyway since I finished my Philosophy home work I'm going to try and catch up on some sleep
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