Stop being so tired >o<

Mood: Not hard to guess (tired)
Sounds: heavy rain fall

I've learned the apparently I talk in my sleep it's nothing bad or anything, but still a bit embarrassing.
Swam again, loved it. Then it began pouring down rain, after I spent 20 minuets getting washed,dried and dressed again. Figures.
Kinokuniya is having a sale which Jamie and I are reeling the benefits from, however this launched another, whyis it in US/UK it works like this but in AU they don't seemto embrace it? I'll explain at another time.
Anyway, Jamie got Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PS3and oh my god it's amazing. First of all is the fact that Batman,Joker and Harlye Quinn are voiced by their original actors from the animated tv series that I grew up with.the movement is fluid and not choppy but oh I could go on forever gushing about it but I won't.
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