Ok this year isn't fairing well for me financially, I know everyone is in the same boat as well but I digress.

As I mentioned in a previous post I'm open for commission
generally I'm open to do anything, beggars can't be choosers and it'll be an experience
so here's my prices:

Sketches (can be pencil or Digital):
Bust-$5 USD
Full-$10 USD
Additional Character- $5USD
Basic BG-$5 USD
Detailed BG-$10 USD

Finished Lineart (can be Trad. Inked or Digitally Inked):
Bust-$10 USD
Full-$15 USD
Additional Character-$5 USD
Basic BG - $5 USD
Detailed BG - $15 USD

Finished Digital Painting/CG -
Bust- $15 USD
Full- $30 USD
Additional Character- $5 USD
Basic BG -$10 USD
Detailed BG -$20 USD

If you commission two full coloured commissions from me you'll receive a free simple cg bust.
If you are asking for a Chibi commission then the price will be the same as a bust depending on again the amount of detail needed for it, please note me for further info.

Please note that the more detail that is required for the commission WILL impact on the price. Also for those of you who are seeking out a more "private" commission there will be an additional charge because I'll need to know how graphic you want it. Equally I'll need to know if it is postable on any of my other art sites or if it is a strictly email to me only.

If you're interested then please comment in the following manner:

Information regarding your commission piece: the more information you can give me the better. So PLEASE be as specific as you can be, I've had commissions where no sort of reference was given and I wasn't informed as to such basics as hair or eye colour. samples of the character/situation/etc (reference pictures are really helpful,even if its just the pose or gesture you want it helps otherwise please re-read your post before sending it to me to be sure all the information you want or don't want in your commissioned piece is there)

Here's how the process will go
*You note me with your request
* I reply and we discuss everything that's needs to be understood till we both are on the same page
* If its line art or a coloured commission I will do a simple sketch and email it to you
* If everything is in order I will ask for at least partial payment
* As the commission is being worked on I don't mind doing updates however please bare in mind that I'm a college student so school is top priority also that I may be working on other commissions besides yours. I will do my best to at least post here a sort of status bar regarding anything I'm working on.
* When the commission is completed I will email to let you know its completed. At this point if the commission hasn't been paid in full I will ask for the payment before I email a HD version to you and if allowed I will also post on Deviantart or one of the other art site I belongs to to which that art maybe best with.

As for payment I only accept PayPal, if you do have an issue in payment please don't hesitate to message me and I;m more than sure we can work something out.
I have been sorely tempted with trades, such as items on my amazon wishlist for example, but that only works if you actually are anywhere near me which can again be discussed in email.
seriously there's so many things out I'd really like to get right now/ in the near future but just money.....
for example, for those who know my love for the Lolita Fashion:

Baby The Stars Shine Bright JSK
Baby the stars shine bright cardigan
(Did I mention my excitement that they are opening a store in San Francisco? <3)

Seriously not only are they in my size but I'd die to get to own them let alone wear them <3
I can but dream right? currently my Lolita wardrobe only consists of a Bodyline high-waisted skirt and lots off off brand items which I need to upgrade/replace.

Another thing is I'm getting to the point where I need to upgrade my Graphics card, I can hold out a little longer but it'll need to be done. Its not just for art but also for the gamer crowd so I can utilize my STEAM games to their fullest like Left 4 Dead and Red Alert 3.

speaking of L4D, I wish they had this shirt in a ladies fit:
Left4Dead "I hate the woods"

If you play L4D you'll understand the humor. Anyway thats all for now
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