...and I'm still tired

Mood: still exausted & slightly peeved
Sounds: They by Jem

Cooking again...after cooking last night, I wont have to cook again till maybe late next week. Went swimming...oh so relaxing...but won't do it again till thursday =A=(angry face) puuuuuu.
Chugging along art wise, slow and steady as they say...
Oh goodness, I went shopping yesterday and all the cute clothes they had T^T (sad face)
Speaking of which...
It's not fair, (I know, I know, whats not fair this time) They (Nintendo) finally are giving the states the white and pink DSi after Japan and the rest of the world had it because that ugly teal one is so much better. The pink is too...magenta...so I will hopefully get the white one.
Then, Sony FINALLY lowered the PlayStation 3 to a reasonable price, 300.00 for 80gig or the newer one for 160, but its not as pretty as the older one. Still for 300.00 when it was like...500-600.00 that's not a bad deal.
Finally there's my other plans....(my first real Lolita dress, weight reduction plans and the like) and they are all happening one after the other
for goodness sake I haven't even bought my books for the fall yet and then there's Christmas to think about! I still haven't figured out what to get my grandfather or my mom for their birthdays, just arrrrgghhhh. Maybe I'll get another art commission, someone will call me back for a real job, I could win the lottery or I could just find money....
I want a nap....or maybe just a coffee...with a strawberry tart or something...
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I Hate Birthdays!
To Bad that L4D will never be ported to the ps3 your fucked ... Except for americas Famous "exclusive content." for Arkham Asylum with joker mode there you have me beat
I can live with L4D never being on the PS3 when I have STEAM. Also Jamie got AA today with all the goodies so I know what we're playing tonight.