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Doing alot better, still slightly stuffed up and sort of deaf because of pressure. Today (in Australia) is both Jamie and his Mother's birthday today, I got her a fresh bouquet of flowers and I got Jamie some books he was missing. We had a lovey day out and spent most of today just relaxing. We'll probably just spend the evening watching movies, drawing and goofing off.

In my time here theres been a few places I have gone to for food or drink that have either impressed or really failed to do so.

The Sitar
This is the indian restaurant that Jamie frequents so he took me to it as well, the food was delicious and the right size for me, though I would have liked more naan bread, it's remincent to freshly made flour tortillas, except thicker and in a variety of flavours.

The Hernandez Cafe and Restraunt
This is coincidentally next to the Sitar, it's very tucked in but it's worth looking for. I took Jamie there for his pre-birthday lunch. Jamie had never had any true spanish food before but in the end rather enjoyed himself, we ordered tapas (chicken paella rice, grilled chorizo, meatballs, garlic chicken and greenbeans) I could decide what I liked the most, alot of it reminded me of home. Jamie however loved the chorizo the most.
I'll have to write about the cafes and bakeries in a seperate entry however I will mention one that I was thoughly displeased with.
Gloria Jean Coffee
Don't let the fancy look sway you, quite honestly the massive hype that surounds it did not reach me. I thought giving it a go would be a majour plus, the atmosphere was nice, packed, but warm and cozy, they had LOTS of sweets and I figured an amazing Aussie iced coffee would be all the better. Well I was wrong. First was the fact that the cashiers line was non-existant. The next was for the price they wanted I could have gone to starbucks and gotten a cheaper priced but same if not better quality iced coffee. When I got it, it was no better than if I had just been back home and gotten one, except I could have had half and half in it and the sugar to my specifications. This coffee was very bitter so I had to wait at the awkwarly placed doctoring station to fix it, only plus there was I could put caramel syrup on it, and even then it wasn't as thick or as sweet as Starbucks. I know some might say, of you like starbucks why try other coffee places or complain. Well I'm not saying its THE BEST, but its a kinda standard, believe me I've been to tiny no name hole in the wall cafes that do drinks you'd willingly crawl across broken glass to get. However Gloria Jean is NOT one of them
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