HAHAHA! Success!

Mood: Cheerful but Tired
Sounds: Erinnerung by Anthon Bruckner

Finally finished my last quarter at my current college. I have applied to receive my certificate, and now I'm just relaxing. I have two summer classes but both are P.E and are just purely to keep me in shape. Not long afterward I'll be off on vacation in Australia again. I'm really quite content. Once autumn arrives then I transfer hopefully. I say that because you never know what life can throw at you.

Now that I'm not so terribly stressed I've been able to get back to the pieces of art I owe.
Like I said I'm making alot of head way in the commission I owe. I guess getting all the stress out of the way really clears the head. There's a few things I need to fix here and there but it'll be done soon.

In other news. Baby the stars shine bright are opening their San Francisco store very very soon! I'm super excited but I won't be here when they open. Which sucks because they have some new goodies I'd love to own
Cherry Audery Jumper Skirt
Shantung gathers bonnet
Sweet fruit a la mode ribbon tart jumper skirt

Oh well gotta rest now. Summer Pilates start in the morning
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