Sore, Hot and Depressed....

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Sounds: 'Still Doll' by Kanon Wakeshima

Even though I was fortunate to get a commission after a long dry spell all the money was gone by that week for bus fare to college, freaking $5.00 for a day pass, and they are going to be increasing the fares AGAIN. With what I get monthly I can't afford it, I know if I got my license I could in theory drive but I don't even have a car to use/practice with. So it's like...whats the incentive?
"Yeah that's great you got your license but, you better hurry you're gonna miss your bus!"

[ Other Life/ Fandom stuff will be in under the cut for those interested]

Doodle Tiemz

Don't ask why but for a good....20 or so minuets I was listening to techno and sketching girls I'd imaging clubbing and stuff, I obviously am NOT the leading figure when it comes to parting attire because I don't party much less leave my room. Watch at some point I'm going to get an angry comment about how I'm oppressing women in my drawings just because I make them attractive and healthy looking.
The 'full' sized image is here, but I scribbled over it, gotta discourage art thieves, not like my art is any where as awesome to be theft worthy but still.
Not with those drawings but a friend requested a quick drawing of their OC

Aside from that it's been HOT in California, miserable in classes and especially in P.E omg, roasting. However I can say I'm enjoying my routine of having the classes and using the Wii fit maybe I'll be awesome looking by August! I gotta hope at least. I am planning on going Veg for the next three months....unfortunately it feels like no matter how I remind certain people about it it seems to get brushed off. I also need to REALLY use my bento box....

The other day I had to explain to a family friend what Lolita was when they noticed my underskirt for my hi-waist skirt and it kinda felt weird cause it went from Lolita into Gyaru and , inevitably, came the "why are you into THOSE fashions"

Why not, I loved Lolita before I even knew about it and Gyaru is just as beautiful, plus it helps I have the right skin and haircolour for it :3. When I loose more weight I'll defiantly dress not so...frumpy but still they are clothes that I know would fit me because I'm so damn small in height so I would have to worry about Mana begging me to hem my trashed jeans.

Speaking about that, I totally need new clothes, most of mine are trashed and have holes and have been.....around for a few years.....

Lots of new anime series are coming out, Jamie and I are cataloging what we're going to be watching.

Catching up/ Finishing Up:

Today in Class 5-2

Shugo Chara! Doki!

Axis Powers Hetalia

Maria Holic

Starting on:

Hatsukoi Limited (Creator did Ichigo 100%, a personal fav of my boyfriend and I)


Shangri-la (Jamie and I finished watching Last Exile and since the same team is doing this we had to watch)

Before Green Gables (Anne of Green Gables) (I'm watching this one)

FullMetal Alchemist

Valkyria Chronicles (Jamie's playing the game while we're watching it to see how different they are)

Pandora Hearts

Queen's Blade

Also talk about cute and want!
ToraDora! PSP pack
I loved ToraDora! and that figure of Taiga is too cute I so want but we all want but generally can't have...
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