Busy Time is Busy
Classes started again, and then I got really sick =Д=;;; oTL
Been out of school for a week, I'm starting feel alot better but still, I am almost always in a constant state of being ill. Only good that came from it was loosing 5lbs >ω<
yatta! if I can loose 10 or so more then I'll reach my first goal/present
First Goal
Then of course I gotta make sure to keep it off
What a drag...
I started to read Japanese Women don't get old or fat, and it's really a book I'm considering on buying. Its on a similar vein as French Women don't get fat except I prefer the recipes in the former. The author mentions that alot of whats making people as they westernize obese. They eat more bread products, red meats and things that have additives. In any case I'm going to be starting my three month vegetarian regiment.
In other news I have made -some- progress artwise. I've crawled out of my slump and trying to work on things as I take care of schoolwork and exercise,aliceplayTshirt.gif
I'm taking one of my friend's advice and colouring the Alice Tshirt
Getting there with Ciel...just taking a while....
I've never done an anthro/furry/what ever you want to call it/classify it as
but I was FINALLY through the graces of the gods given a commission....
albeit a small one....but...its a commission and beggars can't be choosers
Apparently she's a little known character from Bomber-man Hero on the Nintendo 64, she's so unknown the only art out there you can find is one fan art picture,
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