So relaxed *warning pic intensive*

siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh Finals are DONE! Over all I think I did quite well. Now I have some time off to myself. I'll work on some pictures and play on STEAM but more than that SLEEP!
My bed won't let me escape...not that I mind, but I do need to get a new comforter.

I changed the template I was using because I thought it made looking for links alot harder then needed to be. But I swear I'll post some art soon. Right now what I am delighted in are a few things I had gotten for my birthday. Which was ages ago by now.

My lovely honey got me LOADS of Peach-Pit Goodies, two mangas by one of my favorite artists, Hinata Takeda and then an anatomy book and Sewing Book I had wanted!

then there was an awesome new camera from Mana,
It's simply too cute, and of course its pink
I finally got a Nendoroid, I hope I can get some more of them in the future
This one is Melissa Seraphy, they have a new edition of her out, but what I really want is her 1/8 figure. Yes yes Figures are also one of my many other loves...OTL
last but certainly not least is my bento!
I've wanted one for years! I remember once when I was like...7 or 8 Mana and I had gone out for sushi and had asked where we could get a bento box, and we went looking at every Japanese market we could find but couldn't seem to find any, it left me in tears but now I have one! I'll maybe get another one or so to mix them up! I had to have this one because the strawberry patter was just TOO cute and not such an eye sore as some that I've seen out there.
It's very very tiny, which is great since I'm dieting but just to give you an idea of how small
Tiny huh? but so cute! it comes with small chopsticks but they are inside the bento.
Now I'm gonna relax a bit, surf the net for more goodies to cry over and read the latest KERA magazine scans.
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