It's beguinning to look a lot like Christmas

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I'm free from my finals at AAU, This past semester was extremely rewarding and fulfilling for me and while I am excited for next semester, I'm thankful I have such a long break, I can get back to a regular sleep/eating/ everything schedule.


Here are some of the last assignments I had in my figure drawing class, for the final we had to redo two figures we had done previously and I really could see the change! Though it never changed my stance on using charcoal, I hate charcoal.


and now it's my favorite time of the year again!
I finally cleared away where my drawing easel use to be and put up my little tree that already has a few presents under it from my boyfriend. I'll post a photo of it next time.
Since classes didn't end until literally now I feel like I have to make up for lost time! I really want to go to Christmas in the Park and to see the Nutcracker ballet like I had when I was younger. Well who knows what may happen.

Now for the inevitable, what do I hope for this Christmas?

well as cheesy as it sounds, I really wished Jamie was here, I know he will e in February, but it feels like its a life time away and I hope to just continue at my school, it's really helped me blossom further than I had at my previous college.

For actual tangible items...
far too many to list to be honest. Though no one could go wrong with a box of rose flavored macarons with some tea from T2, Crown and Crumpet or Harrods.

Well for now I'm going to crawl back under the covers and sleep a little longer, it's just too cold and I'm still extremely tired.
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