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Ok so I got everything off my chest in the last post, now for more interesting stuff.
Sadly as much as I looked forward to it this year, I pretty much missed out on Halloween.
I had caught the flu a little bit before Halloween and hoped that it would be out of my system so I could carve my pumpkins, buy some candy, dress up and who knows even get a Halloween themed image done. Sadly none happened.


Conviently enough right now there's a bowl of Halloween candy in front of me as I continue my post Halloween adventures, finds and other such joys

As I mentioned before, I LOVE Halloween. It's on my list of favorite holidays which all pretty much happen in the Fall and Winter which are my favorite times of the year.

I've studied quite a bit on the origins of Halloween and I still can't help but get giddy when it comes around. It's one of the few things I know I can look back on with barely a blemish memory wise. For the past three years I always went as Alice because well I can pull it off fairly well despite my tan skin, but I've gone as lots of other characters. Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Princess Jasmin, and Sailor Moon. God those were all great memories.

I love when I can see people really get into the spirit if its through costumes, how they decorate their homes, and when they plan various events for both kids and adults alike. To me, it gives a sense of well...unity? I'm not sure how to explain it better than that.

One thing I'm glad I was well enough to do was go to the Pumpkin Festival in Half Moon Bay

It may seem kinda bland but it's really great to go to, lots of Halloween related stuff, LOTS of Pumpkin foods like Pumpkin bread, Pumpkin Ice Cream, Pumpkin Sausage, Pumpkin Soup and Pumpkin Ale. For those who are reading this and reeling. Pumpkin is naturally very sweet, now not like apple or grape sweet, but sweet none the less. Also the type of pumpkin used for cooking are called Sweet Pies, there are a few others and while you can technically use the type of pumpkin you used for making Jack-O-Lanterns, it's best if you try and find a better suited one.




I did take more photos but they will have to go onto my Flickr account since I can only upload so many images before I run out of room. I hope FC2 upgrades that soon

So I loaded up on a few of those, sadly I wish the vendors actually sold more pumpkin food goods to take home that weren't desserts. However I ended up getting something for free.

This non-piercing (my ears aren't pierced) ear cuff is from a lovely shop in Santa Cruz called Marty Magic. They appear at a lot of Art and Wine festivals and they make gorgeous jewelery with a life time guarantee. I know this personally cause I was given a ivy ear cuff that was broken years ago, and by chance was able to go to one of the stalls and asked if something could be done and had it fixed and cleaned on the spot for no charge.

I know some people are also reeling because the ear cuff features bats, well sadly I love them and think they are cute. Just as cute as puppies, kittens, bears, penguins and lots of other things. Which is probably why I love it when Halloween comes around since there's loads more bat related items

*Note: No I wouldn't want a bat as a pet simply because they are endangered and are not domesticated. As much as it would be nice to have my own little bug eater to save me from all the creepy crawlies,I'll take a dog and a cat thank you.

Still I have to think that other people find them cute when I can go into a Nordstrom's Baby department and find some of these treasures

I sincerely regret not buying that little plush bat to go with my Dracula Teddy Beanie Baby, oh well maybe another time.

Well it's still early after Halloween, maybe I can score on some great discounted stuff.
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