I apologize for not updating sooner, so much stuff has been happening all around me it's causing my head to spin a little bit.

So rather than bore everyone with little bits of happenings I'll post about the most recent big event that happened. Christmas in August!
Apparently in Australia they do have a Christmas in July, Jamie's family held off on the festivities till I arrived.
Since they chose to do it on saturday we mainly celebrated Jamie and his mother's joint birthday, ate a little, played Secret Santa and ate more.
I was asked to make my own turkey and stuffing which came out quite handsomely despite not having everything I'm used to having at my disposal.
In the end we ate quite a few courses including a double dessert course
Though Passionfruit has to be one of the fruits I hate most this mousse cake was delicious
Unfortunatly thats all I can post at the moment in between coughing fits, I'll post more in a day or so.
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Black, Tan and White all at the same time

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Charcoal and Sanding make for some interesting colors when you're very tan.
I've been really busy the past couple of weeks and now it's finally finals for me.

I've got to message my new adviser on which classes I'm defiantly going to be taking, most likely Media II (more Photoshop) and Web Design (make my own website and such).
Jamie tried to help me recently get a job doing illustrations for a children's book in Australia but they didn't want to deal with someone outside of the country and doesn't have their degree yet. Oh well, keep on trying and looking right?

Also I FINALLY got off my butt and got my student ID which I now wear with pride. I think it's one of my biggest achievements. It was also just a lot of fun going to SF again just because. Though my little brother pointed out I should have while in the building went and purchased my school sweater since I was there...oh well at least they have an online site for it

I know my broken paragraphs and random order of photos might be a little off putting but since there's so much to post I felt this was the only way I could without it being a wall of text followed by a wall of photos.
Well I got to head off and finish sanding my dresser so that maybe I can have it all nice and ready to be stained and maybe in my room before I leave for my vacation.
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