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Again Busy Busy Busy but it'll end in a matter of weeks and then I can take a break. I'm trying to get all my things together for that as well as school so that way I can lessen my work load for the coming semester, which will be nice cause 1. less money to spend and 2. Sooner it is to my diploma.

Classes are still going well and I'm glad I'm only taking the case load I have for the moment, I don't think I could handle the fill amount they were asking, I'd rather take more time and get it all done vs burning out.

So many images for this post! Most of you should remember Q from my story Mistress of the Netherworld, or just Mistress. Made her far more mature looking than usual but I still liked it.

Next Saturday I'll be going to see The Rear Window at the Stanford Theature, I've been there before to see Roman Holiday and enjoyed myself immencely. well got to get back to school work, commission work and maybe sneak in a nap or a coffee.

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I have a torso and head in a box in my room...

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Don't worry they are resin casts for class.

Busy, busy, busy but as I said, I do enjoy it I really feel like I'm improving a lot lately from the last time I had taken a drawing class. This weekend was WAY more busy than I had anticipated since it was my younger brother's birthday, so spent time with him and my younger cousin which was a lot of fun especially when we went to dinner at La Foret in the hills. Oh I'd kill to have another Grand Marnier Souffle but I ate far too many.

in other news SPAIN WON! I so wish I had joined a pot or something because I had said from the beginning that my team would win and they did! Oh well, in the end I'm so glad they won!

Anyway I need to get back to rendering this image and work more on commissions I owe as well as try and get some bobbins for my sewing machine, I need to repair a few things of mine including my favorite Bear eared hoodie, I love it and I really want to get another one but in black or creme. oh well...
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have another entry planned but...

I'll admit I didn't think they had much of a chance against Germany, especially after they had creamed Argentina but boy I'll tell you I was ecstatic when Spain scored against them.

That's all till probably Thursday.
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AAU classes are INTENSE but I love it.
While things in my personal life are all over the place that isn't stopping me from enjoying my summer thus far. I've gotten back on my regular exercise regiment plus doing lap swimming for two hours on Tuesday and Thursday is seriously the best. Aside from that mostly working on class work and what I owe commission wise.
Only downside is that I can't go and buy all those delicious low/no-cal treats from Mitsuwa and that I'm constantly having to pick up my room far more than I had previously.
Oh well, tomorrow after some class work I'll be focusing a little more on a summer side project.
summer project
My current dresser isn't doing it for me, so I'm restoring this lovely dresser. After it's all sanded down and the brass handles have been restored I'm going to stain it a nice mahogany to match most of the wood pieces in my room. The top is actually laminate so I plan to paint it black and go into the small details with gold paint as it had originally.
That's all for now, I'm going to rest and work on my drapery exercises.
God I really wish I had some of that muscat jelly right now.
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