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It's been close to a month since I actually updated, so let's see...
Got my grades back from last quarter, did well in everything except Tax Class which I had already anticipated. Math and numbers are NOT my forte, I mean, I can do all the regular stuff (addition, Sub, multiply, divide, geometry) however when massive formulas come my way, sorry charlie but that's a failed venture.

Right now I'm taking Colour Theory & Design as well as regular Design. I've already learned so much just from the few classes we've had in colour theory so I really believe that this will really aid me in the future.

I had been hoping to go to the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend but I've caught something this week and it's been reeking havoc on my system, so I'll just play it safe and stay home.

My boyfriend is going in for a job interview today so let's all wish him luck!
I haven't had much luck getting a part time job, I tried to apply for the part time Census job which would have been nice, 22.00 an hour, part time and it would be for a few months plus they were literally down the street from me. Sadly they met their quota so no dice.
I found out from one of my friends who also tried to apply for the seasonal job at Jessica McClintock that it was already filled, rumors abound that it was someone related to the manager but can't say for sure and certainly can't do anything about it.

I'm going to try and apply at this new Chocolate shop that opened near by, lets keep hoping right?

I'm going to get back to bed and rest and then paint tonight, maybe I'll order myself some Wor Won Ton Soup or pray Constantino's is making their delicious Tomato Basil soup with rice again. Or maybe just settle for some Sukiyaki and some tea.
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