Oh how I miss you San Francisco

Mood: So so very Happy
Sounds: Danse Macabre

The weekend was just the best.
I got all my assignments in on time and Aced the quiz on Obesity in my Health and Fitness Class
But even better than that I had a lovely outing in my favorite city, San Francisco.
It was so very very Christmas-y
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Quite ready to cry

Mood: upset
Sounds: various

I really HATE people being vague on what they want for the holidays, I equally hate this whole idea that just because someone asks what you'd like for Christmas it means they are hunting for gifts for themselves. Frankly it insults me, I wouldn't be asking unless I genuinely WANTED to get someone a Christmas gift. So being told in a very snarky way that I'm fishing for gifts or that I'm making someone have to buy me a gift in turn utterly infuriates me to no end. Seriously how dare you accuse me of having false intentions, sure it sucks to not be equally reciprocated but it's not about the present more than the fact that someone took the time to think about someone, think about something that they might want, need, deserve even go as far as to ask to get a better idea or double check and then get smacked in the face with remarks like that.

Speaking of Christmas Gifts...
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I'm So excited and I just can't hide it

Mood: Comfy
Sounds: CSI: Las Vegas

Passed my Diabetes quiz/exam with full marks in my Health and Fitness Class, Just still need to cram in the hours at the gym, but I'm enjoying it. It gives me the chance to think/day dream and get all the stress (and fat) off of me. Thanksgiving is around the bend so already planning things out for that. What I'm even more excite about is next Saturday I'm having a small outing with my family to San Francisco to pick up a few things and finally see the Baby the Stars Shine Bright store! I'm so so so so so unbelievably excited. I know I don't live impossibly far away from SF (roughly 45-60ish minutes) but it's always been a case of not having time or money to go there. I know I might not walk away with anything (though I at least intend to buy at the very least something) but I'll be happy enough to just take photos of the place and get to see my favorite brand line up close and oh dear I'm just rambling on aren't I..
I really hope they'll still have these two dresses and skirt there for me to at the very least look at.
Beardsley Alice
Victorian Card
Nightmare Castle
Nightmare Castle Skirt
From what I've read from other Lolitas visiting there, there happens to be a great little crepe shop in the vicinity. I thought it be nice to check it out but I'm not 100% sure. It sounds nice as a snack/light lunch but not as a main meal for the outing. I'll have to look in to it further.
I feel so sleepy with this weather, then again I love this weather! I'm glad its all over cast and blustery. It's the best time to stay inside all warm with a mug of tea or cocoa, seriously thats bliss. Throw in some rain and I'm set.
Anyway got some little things to take care of before heading off to the gym.
I also swear I'm not going to let Thanksgiving be my binge day. I can't let my hard work slip because of it.
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Mood: Unwell
Sounds: Documentary

The cold is making whats left of my cough act up. Hot tea will take care of it but it's still annoying.
Although I said I'd be working on my art I recently got 'Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper" for the PC. I enjoy detective/mystery as much as I enjoy my Victorian/ Ripper-ology, the sheer fact that they are combined makes it even better for me. It's a short game with a distinct time line and I'll probably finish it up in a day or so. This lead to a deep discussion between my boyfriend and I about the issues the game had with story and content. As much as I am enjoying it, various things are doctored up with Photoshop or story wise that don't follow either the protocol of the times, the way a certain character would act or even the facts surrounding the case (I don't want to take up journal space discussing other things they say the killer is like when enough evidence around today proves otherwise). What it came down to was how to write a good mystery and both of our problems with it. Even though I've already planned out what I was going to give my boyfriend for Christmas I think I have a few more ideas on what to send.
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Mood: Light Hearted
Sounds: Garbage Truck (so Noisy!)
Hasing: Rose Tea Latte

I'm feeling alot better since my previous entry. Thanks to my boyfriend, who not only cheered me up but encouraged me, so I'll keep trying.
This morning when checking on the latest in the Lolita Community I came upon two documentary. Both talk about Lolita and while both don't cover everything it's still a great introduction into it. It would be nice if one day a full length Doc could be done but that might not happen for a while.

Still not much else to report on, I met my 25+ hour goal and now still have to keep at it so I'll be off to the gym today. Then I must study, hopefully I can work a little more on my latest drawing (the one posted previously). Been figuring out presents still, I have a pretty general idea what I'm getting for people, I'll defiantly be sending my boyfriends presents the first week of December so it doesn't go through the same drama that happened last year.
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Not much to say, right now I just don't feel confident or supported in a number of things, Which just leaves me feeling really bitter and hating everyone/everything. To better phrase it "Why bother with anything, not like they care."
if the hat fits
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S...so cold

Mood: Freezing
Sounds: Shivering
Really Wants: To hibernate

Ugh I'm really really sore.
I'm currently at 24 of the 25 hours I needed however that trend has to continue for me to get a good grade in my class =A= figures. It's not all bad, I lost 10lbs, hopefully I can lose another 10 or more. I'm very thankful that there is a holiday tomorrow, I'll be happily sleeping in all day if not most of it.

Being hounded about other colleges aside from the one I am currently attending, One is ready and willing to receive me and has a grant currently available to me however pressure is towards another college that while I did agree to apply for it and try to attend is beyond the fact I have no earthly wish to attend, its the fact that their system does not like me what so ever.
It asks for so much High school back history that it is ridiculous, it has two large sections to fill out things that the college feels is a MUST for attending their school (One year physical science, two years bio science, four years history), all complicated with their weird system where you can select that it was a college course, however you have to had taken them WHILE IN HIGH SCHOOL. So everything I entered was meaningless because I literally have to call up my high school and ask or try and remember EVERYTHING I took which has been YEARS. You also can't skip it because your transferring. So unless you do this abnormally large amount of research into your past (this isn't counting those fresh out of high school). So while the whole point of me doing this is to save my family money, it seems beyond me to make it so unearthly hard to apply. Needless to say I am not happy with the situation yet again.

Been discussing with alot of people who wants what for Christmas and what I want. I'm torn cause there's alot of things I want, and things I need but currently unsure of.
I know I'm finally getting my own sewing machine for Christmas from a relative, I'm hoping I'll get an alternate foot attachment for it so I can do ruffles/pleats.
One thing I'd really be keen on getting would be a Badge-a-minit. At conventions as well as online, alot of people sell their art on pins/buttons.
I have loads of books I'd like to get which are all on my Amazon wishlist What can I say I really like reading.
Most of all I'd really like to finally get a real Lolita dress from a good brand. I mean I love my Bodyline high-waist skirt, However it's the only one I have and I've made the mistake of machine washing it so now the spines in the waist are starting to warp a bit. I can still wear it but I need to be careful with it.
So if I could, however I still know the high improbability of it:
The already well know Vampire Requiem Corset Skirt from Baby the Stars Shine Bright in either cream or red. So popular and out of stock they took it off their Japanese site to make way for the Winter dresses. The only places I'm finding it is on Yahoo Auctions Japan and occasionally on EGL_Comm_Sale on Livejournal.
This dress is by Angelic Pretty, Known only as the Angelic Pretty Chandelier dress, It too is rare because it came out last year around Christmas. It came out in Red/Gold, Black/Silver, Pink/Gold, and Baby Blue(Sax)/Silver, The only one I ever liked was the Red and Gold one. Oh well even if I didn't get those exact dresses it would be nice to own them one day.

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So much for 'no stress'

Mood: Unhappy
Sounds: F Word Season 2 (BBC America)

I had hoped this would be an easy week for me however I found out that till the end of the quarter I'll be having to do more hours. I'm beginning to wonder if from a psychological stand point I create situations where stress becomes a focus point for me to use so I find a reason to strive to succeed,,,or if it's simply a matter of things just working out that way. Although if I step back and really look at the whole situation, then maybe it's not as bad as it all seems. Still it has left me with dampened spirits and feeling extremely tired.

In better news, Imai Kira, artist for Angelic Pretty has a new art book out!
Entitled Velour. It's currently being sold on her shop site as well as a French Blog, and from what I've read in the Lolita community is very reputable. Another plus is that you can make the order in English and not have to worry about getting someone to translate it for you. The book itself costs 9 Euros/13.00 USD. I already own one art book and have magazines with her art.
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Mood: Content, but tired
Sounds: Law and Order SVU
Enjoying: Soy Earl Gray Latte

It seriously feels like it's later than it is, but that's how autumn is right? Took my Philosophy exam today, I feel confident that I did well enough to have a decent if not better grade. Chipping away at the hours I need at the Gym, 18 Hours now only 7 more to go. I feel pretty good when I go, I tend to burn up between 250-300 calories when I'm there which makes it significantly better when I'm only allowed 1000 calories everyday so hopefully I can lose weight.
Speaking of weight loss I picked up a few things for me to eat when I went on a quick errand with my mom.
She needed to pick up a couple things and I perused the isles, not actually intending to get anything but that changed. We made our purchases and left. Which cause an interesting fact to present itself. Now I have to keep track of how much I eat, which is hard when I love sweets alot.
My Mom had bought these for herself but offered me one, I always check the calories and was shocked to find that orange mochi only has 12 calories per one. I mean seriously that's low, most candy bars are at least 150 if not more. I later found out that so long as it doesn't have Azuki beans in them which from what I've researched are a tad fattening. they stay low in calories. I also found out that it's better to eat mochi filled with chestnuts since they have no fat, high in protein and low in cal.
I bought some Onigiri and Melon bread. Onigiri can be good for you depending on the size and filling. Luckily in my case they were small so not a lot of rice and the fillings had no mayo in them so again, low cal (120 cal each) The melon bread was a bit of a treat, I haven't had it in months, normally it only tastes like sweet bread with some cinnamon sugar on top but this one was amazing. First of all it was actually green, normally its just yellow/golden and secondly it actually tasted of melon, it wasn't overpowering but still very very nice. I only ate 1/4th though, its 470 calories in total which is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.

Other than that, I found out Tokyo Rebel in New York is doing a Victorian Maiden Reserve,
Victorian Maiden is a Classic Lolita brand, which is alot more expensive than Baby or Angelic Pretty but their dresses are of such a high caliber of quality, and they don't make as many dresses or series as more main stream brands.
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Stepping aside from TAO for a while

Mood: Studious
Sounds: Phaedo by Plato (Audio Book)
Wishes she had: an Earl Grey Latte or Cocoa

Still studying, mainly reading over notes and making new notes. I really hope I do well on Thursday. I found out that I need to have clocked in 25 hours at the gym before Thanksgiving so I got to go in quite a few more times, so I'll probably not be posting alot till the Thanksgiving Holidays.
Even though I didn't get my Halloween picture done in time that hasn't hampered my creativity. I have a new sketch that I've been working on but can't do much with till after Sunday.
As many of my adventures go via the internet I stumbled across a few interesting things
I love those delicious French almond delights, from what I understand that, sugar aside, these are better for you than most cookies/sweets because it uses almond meal so higher in protein and low in gluten. I've had quite a few here in the Bay Area and plenty in Australia and love them. I'll probably have one (very much against my diet) the next time I go out with friends. Still they are delightful and this book helps you make them.
This made me for some reason recall my Gothic&Lolita Magazines, and I went to see what was the latest one in Japan only to discover or more correctly re-discover two Japanese Cafe/Restaurants I would love to visit, however I'd need the perfect Lolita ensemble to go in them.
Vampire Cafe
Alice Cafe
Both cafes are themed in every way from the decor, the staff, the drinks, the menu and the parties they give for birthdays and such.
Oh how I'd love to go.
oh well
Back to studying.
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Sleep makes the most of it

Mood: Contemplative
Sounds: Qi (British show)

Halloween has been and gone and I didn't really get to enjoy it, there's always next year I suppose. Since it ended I needed to change the lay out till it gets closer to Christmas. Lots of events happening at home which complicated matters but thankfully I passed my first exam with a B, I still have to wait for my next exam which I hope to do just as well with,
I've come to realize why people mainly women have to have so many pairs of shoes. My Pink and White Converse shoes are be coming so torn up, however i can't find any cute shoes so I'll just keep using them till I see fit...much like alot of my clothes.
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