Getting there

Mood: Unwell (but recovering)
Sounds: Dr. Who (10th Season)

Sorry I didn't post before I left Australia, I spent the last week with my boyfriend and spent the last two days there in tears. A while after I got home had to go to the doctors because my choking cough was getting scary intense and now I have alot of medicine to take for a while. Classes had already started, now I'm playing catch up. Waiting to hear back from the Academy director and another University about my entry and classes.

Aside from homework and school related stuff, I've been working on my Halloween picture.
I started on it when I was in Australia, I had an image/pose/idea in my head and until I drew a basic sketch of it I couldn't sleep. This is the 2nd more, concreate sketch and no its only a thumbnail I'm not posting the whole of it till much later.

I'm really excited that its getting closer to Halloween, truth be told Autumn and Winter are my favorite times of the year, probably cause I was born in the winter but I dunno it just feels nicer to me than Spring and Summer. maybe its because I really don't have to worry about tanning?

Aside from all that I'm really doing is just trying to get better, via medicine, rest and drinking a mess load of tea, I really need to thank Jamie's sister for suggesting the French Earl Gray from T2, I really want to swim while I have the chance to use the outdoor pool, I don't think there is an indoor one near me,
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Mood: Unwell
Sounds: Once Upon a Dream

The antibiotics are making me miserable, I haven't slept very well these past few days. I ended up staying up most of last night reading or fiddling with my iTouch (I don't know where I'd be with out it) when I saw this:
BtSSB Vampire Requiem Highwaisted skirt
god it's beautiful, I really hope they get some in stock at the San Francisco store, They have two other styles but that one was my all time favorite.
Last night when I was feeling really down, Jamie surprized me with a copy of "The Young Victoria". We watched it and I utterly enjoyed it...I did cry as well, but it was a wonderful movie.
Speaking of movies, people who know me very well know I have a bit of an obsession for anything Victorian and Jamie showed me they are doing a remake of Universal's "Wolfman". From how amazing it looks in the trailer I know I;'ll enjoy seeing it, plus it comes out before my birthday!

Anyway I better get back and bed and rest.

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Coming down...


Mood: Melancholic
Sounds: Erinnerung

Not terribly happy at all to be honest, most of my holiday it feels like has been spent being sick. Last wednesday I caught a cough which persisted and got worse and sure enough after being to doctors it turned out to be a chest infection (again). So I have some antibiotics to take but I feel just miserable in general because of it and because I'll be leaving in little over a week and a half to go back home. I'm not sad because I'm leaving Australia, far from it. I'm sad because I'll be far from my boyfriend again , I know we've already discussed things for next year but it just seems like a life time away.

We (dispite the fact we were both unwell) went to Bondi Beach on Sunday and well...
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Tea and Lolita


Mood: Unsure
Sounds: Jamie's humming

I think I caught something, however I'm not entirely sure, I rested today I might tomorrow as well but I'm not too sure. I've been bad, I haven't swam at all this week, if I go into the city tomorrow I defiantly will have to swim for two hours. The week has been wonderful, Jamie took two days off to spend with me and he's planning to take some more.
Found out Baby already has their Autumn/Winter line out for reserve *sighs* they all are so lovely...
Speaking of lolita, I went out for tea with Jamie on Wednesday and took a couple of photos
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Stop being so tired >o<

Mood: Not hard to guess (tired)
Sounds: heavy rain fall

I've learned the apparently I talk in my sleep it's nothing bad or anything, but still a bit embarrassing.
Swam again, loved it. Then it began pouring down rain, after I spent 20 minuets getting washed,dried and dressed again. Figures.
Kinokuniya is having a sale which Jamie and I are reeling the benefits from, however this launched another, whyis it in US/UK it works like this but in AU they don't seemto embrace it? I'll explain at another time.
Anyway, Jamie got Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PS3and oh my god it's amazing. First of all is the fact that Batman,Joker and Harlye Quinn are voiced by their original actors from the animated tv series that I grew up with.the movement is fluid and not choppy but oh I could go on forever gushing about it but I won't.
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