Should be doing schoolwork

Mood: Tired
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Just don't seem to have my heart into it right now...
I know it's not an excuse, but it's how I feel and It will get done by tonight.

Some possible commission(s) heading my way but it's still all in negotiations/no payment received yet. I can hope right?

Its funny sometimes working on something and seeing that picture evolve. Sometimes when it's all inked and coloured it never looks as good as the sketch or other times it's MUCH better then it's original form.

The anthro commission I'm working on falls under that, it's looking ALOT better now that it's inked and almost done being coloured.
Still needs a bit of work but so far the commissioner is liking it

Normally it's against my own set rules to start drawing a commission before receiving payment but one I might be doing is this couple's picture together in at least what looked like Victorian garb. I couldn't help it, I'm VERY much the Victorian fanatic.


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Sore, Hot and Depressed....

Mood: irritable
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Even though I was fortunate to get a commission after a long dry spell all the money was gone by that week for bus fare to college, freaking $5.00 for a day pass, and they are going to be increasing the fares AGAIN. With what I get monthly I can't afford it, I know if I got my license I could in theory drive but I don't even have a car to use/practice with. So it's like...whats the incentive?
"Yeah that's great you got your license but, you better hurry you're gonna miss your bus!"

[ Other Life/ Fandom stuff will be in under the cut for those interested]

Doodle Tiemz

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Busy Time is Busy
Classes started again, and then I got really sick =Д=;;; oTL
Been out of school for a week, I'm starting feel alot better but still, I am almost always in a constant state of being ill. Only good that came from it was loosing 5lbs >ω<
yatta! if I can loose 10 or so more then I'll reach my first goal/present
First Goal
Then of course I gotta make sure to keep it off
What a drag...
I started to read Japanese Women don't get old or fat, and it's really a book I'm considering on buying. Its on a similar vein as French Women don't get fat except I prefer the recipes in the former. The author mentions that alot of whats making people as they westernize obese. They eat more bread products, red meats and things that have additives. In any case I'm going to be starting my three month vegetarian regiment.
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See I'm still drawing! Right now it's a sketch of Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, hopefully I'll finish it up.
I hate being poor, well poor isn't the right word, but I hate not having funds to get goodies and theres always a truckload I want =д=....so not fair

Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty have more dresses out thjat I won't bother to flood the journal with. Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji has been turned into a nendoroid

To add on to this sadness

Muramasa for the Wii is coming out

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