Please allow me to freak out

I just discovered one of my favorite Japanese Novels, 'Gosick', has been turned into an anime and just aired its first episode yesterday!

Gosick blends my love of lolita/old world fashion/ Victorian/ with murder mysteries. I have all the novels in Japanese and whats currently available in English as well as what is available of the mange. Seriously I could not be happier!

I truly do love this series and will probably now obsess over getting much of the merchandise. Also to be honest it's not just the story I love but the artist behind the novels, Hinata Takeda. Her artwork is just stunning and I hope one day to be just as good as her.

fffff, I'm sorry I'm just beyond impossibly happy. I'm probably going to start doing nothing but fan art.


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Let's talk about Alice

Ok people who've known me for most of my life know I have a thing for Alice in Wonderland in it's many incarnations.
It's not new news that Disney was doing a live action of it. The first trailer in my opinion seemed too clogged with Johnny Depp (Don't get me wrong, he's a wonderful actor, but he's not Alice and the movie isn't called The Mad Hatter). However the latest traler came out and gave me more hope for the film as before I was very iffy about it.

However, while watching it something made me go, "that's odd, that reminds me of American Mcgee's Alice."
For those who don't know this classic PC game which I own you can refer to the following link for information: American McGee's Alice

Ok here's my take, I'm glad that this seems to be more akin to a sequel to the first Disney's Alice while retelling the whole adventure and including elements from The Looking Glass. I know they did it before in the first but they seem to be meshing the two worlds together better. Though maybe it's just me but it harkens me back to American McGee's Alice.

Alice is older and returns to a very changed wonderland
Queen of hearts has taken over most of wonderland for the worst
Alice re-encounters old characters for better or worst.
Alice is the one who has to save wonderland.

Obviously there are vast differences; i.e
Alice isn't a suicidal wreck
Hatter isn't trying to kill her
The Red Queen isn't actually ------(I won't give spoilers, play the damn game)
Loads of cards and Colours (Red and White chess pieces) aren't being murdered
Alice not having to kill anyone.

but still I dunno, I'm really really looking forward to it, however I'd be lying if I didn't say that certain elements didn't remind me of something else.
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See I'm still drawing! Right now it's a sketch of Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, hopefully I'll finish it up.
I hate being poor, well poor isn't the right word, but I hate not having funds to get goodies and theres always a truckload I want =д=....so not fair

Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty have more dresses out thjat I won't bother to flood the journal with. Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji has been turned into a nendoroid

To add on to this sadness

Muramasa for the Wii is coming out

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This area will be my toybox, where I list various links, pixels and such. If I can I will list where they are from, if any of these are yours please notify me an I will give credit or remove them,
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