Should be doing schoolwork

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Just don't seem to have my heart into it right now...
I know it's not an excuse, but it's how I feel and It will get done by tonight.

Some possible commission(s) heading my way but it's still all in negotiations/no payment received yet. I can hope right?

Its funny sometimes working on something and seeing that picture evolve. Sometimes when it's all inked and coloured it never looks as good as the sketch or other times it's MUCH better then it's original form.

The anthro commission I'm working on falls under that, it's looking ALOT better now that it's inked and almost done being coloured.
Still needs a bit of work but so far the commissioner is liking it

Normally it's against my own set rules to start drawing a commission before receiving payment but one I might be doing is this couple's picture together in at least what looked like Victorian garb. I couldn't help it, I'm VERY much the Victorian fanatic.


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I've caught something, I probably didn't really notice it because of being stressed out from school.
I'm trying to do some more traditional stuff for my art portfolio. Lately I've been reading about how harsh art schools are being to not just students and faculty, equally it seems that it's become 'ok' for other more experienced artists to just trash a lesser experienced artist, rather then give a neutral critique and actually impart some knowledge to them so they can improve. Now in that same token...I remember ages ago, I had done some fan art for an artist I liked on deviantart, now they were by no means one of the top ones or even on the popular scale. Anyway I did it and oh she laid in on me. So after being chewed out, mainly about proportions and anatomy (even though i was like...16 at the time) I did cry and feel upset but I did decide I'd show her. Eventually in time I stopped following her because after a while I realized I didn't like her art as much and I especially didn't like her I'm better then you attitude she gave to everyone.
And yet, there are even better artists who are getting the same treatment. One artist I watch and adore was trying to go to an artschool near her but they treated her as if she had submitted crayon drawings from 3rd grade. I know that you have to be tough sometimes, and as instructors make artists focus on core points like proportion and anatomy before style because some people get hunkered down in their style and aren't willing to give it up, which will mess up everything.

Still being out and out rude and hateful....it's really not needed....
What I do end up kinda laughing about is how, right now people still treat 'anime style' as being inferior, and how it won't last, when if anyone has done enough art history or even really read up on artists there are always new styles that are at the time, not being accepted and later on, it's accepted only when they have something new to go. ''that's not art'' over. Even in saying that, there's always going to be art that you like and dislike. Honestly I don't see anything really behind contemporary art, some can be funny and witty but other times I fail to see what's so art-y about an inflatable pool full of bubbles (I honestly saw this at the contemporary art museum in Sydney Harbor. Even though I don't get it or appreciate it doesn't mean it's not art, because there are people who like it, understand it and do it.

oh dear I ramble too much.

BTW I so want Wii Fit.
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White Day

Today (or yesterday, depending where you are in the world) is the 3rd anniversary that my boyfriend and I have shared together,
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Under the weather

I think I caught something... I have a really heavy cough and I feel like something heavy is scratching inside my chest. I'm feeling a bit more down because of this and stress with school.

I've done some chibi drawings one of my OC and the other is of Alice. neither of which are done.
The quality is bad for obvious reasons, I might tweak her face a bit more and I defiantly need to work on her hair.


And then theres the Alice chibi. I'm seriously thinking about making it into a shirt, for myself at least, since I have the iron-on transfer sheets. Who knows if people like the finished product I might offer to sell them.

I know I've scribbled on both previews a bit, my aunt complained she didn't see my name on the previous pictures, just my handle so I threw it on.

The second Boxset for Emma: a Victorian Romance came out....
I don't have the first one but I want them both, I loved the anime and I'd be so happy to actually own it
Aside from that all the goodies I've been reading about in KERA, EGG, SCAWAII, CAWAII, JELLY, Happie NUTS, and AGEHA has been so cruel. At least I can get scans of the magazines, I went to Kinokuniya and they wanted double the magazine price, I know we're in a recession and all but the JPY and USD are almost the same right now so I dunno maybe I;m being stingy but I'm not paying 10.00 USD for a KERA magazine priced at 480 JPY.
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Getting there...

Finished my only commission I had left, I dunno if they will commission me again for some time. I sure hope they do though....
Lately, despite my posts I've become depressed, however this seems to make me want to loose myself in drawing, colouring or anything else to get my mind off of how I feel. Down side is all the other things that come with depression. I suppose I suffer from the stereotypical Artist syndrome. You're either very very depressed or your addicted to something or both.
*wry laugh*
Despite this I made some head way with some fan art I've been working on for Shugo Chara!, hopefully if I get a table at Fanime I'll be selling this as a bookmark or print.
amutrans copy

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