fffff! SERIOUSLY!?

Baby the Stars Shine Bright is having a 50% off winter sale and selling lucky packs T^T
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Baby put the skirt I want back in their shop!!!
Click Here
sadly only in black and red but I could live with it.

In other news I injured my left arm, it hurts so bad to move it much further than my chest, as if i were going to hake someone's hand, My right arm is sore but not in the same amount of pain and I have freedom of movement. Also my legs are burning from yesterday, 90 mins on the elliptical machine which brought on another coughing fit So today I'm not going to work out. Everything just hurts too much, plus I got a couple things I need to take care of this weekend. Mainly my Mid-term exam on Sunday (it's online), Luckily though I'll be going out to have tea with Mana to make up for last weekend (it was her birthday) and while both of us were sick, she's better and even though I'm not exactly the picture of health it'll be nice to have a de-stress session while we have tea,.
Speaking of that I should go and make me a mug. Then I'll crawl back to bed. it hurts to sit.
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Oh my god

Angelic Pretty, Another Lolita Brand I REALLY love is having a sale on some of the dresses they have. One of them I had posted here way way earlier is n the sale for pretty much half price!
Rose Princess JSK
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It's officially open

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Baby the Stars Shine Bright's San Francisco store is officially open for business!
I read all about the opening ceremonies (cutting the tape and smashing the sake barrel)
I also got to see all the lovely photos of where the shop is located as well as all the lolitas that turned out for it. It makes me sad and envious, especially for the lucky girls who bought enough to attend the private tea party with the head designer and models. Oh well, I also read they went out of stock as well and won't be fully in stock till September. I'll definatly have to go when I come home, I simply have to!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
1746 Post St
(between Buchanan St & Webster St)
San Francisco, CA 94115
Open daily 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
(BtSSB is located on the 2nd floor)

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Damnit It makes me want to cry sometimes

Baby the Stars Shine Bright now has an english blog for the San Fransisco store
So close yet so far away
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