Sorry for not writing sooner

Mood: Tired
Sounds: Agatha Christie's Poirot

Sadly I have a EXTREMELY demanding Colour Theory and Design teacher so its been painting project after painting project. It's not really as if it's a bad thing, I'm really happy about what I'm learning and having lessons that give me the chance to help press the information home but it is quite exhausting when you have to carry around nearly 9lbs worth of art supplies every other day.

I couldn't got to either Fanime or the Lolita convention this weekend and worse yet I ended up injuring my index finger on my right and dominant hand. It's alright now, I've had it in a splint for about a day and a half and it's slowly getting better. I don't know what I've done to it but as long as it's getting better that's all that matters to me.

I have some school and private work that I'll be uploading here soon so I hope everyone looks forward to that.
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I really should be studying and exercising

Mood: Miffed
Sounds: Andante con Moto

This could just be me lashing out at utterly neglecting Halloween (it's tomorrow and I don't even have a pumpkin) but I feel the compulsion to write about things. Mainly if they are things that are quite petty or contrive in my own personal opinion. I know I've been told I take things far too seriously/personally and it is something of a bad quality however I feel that its better to actually have an opinion on something rather than just letting nothing be said when there is something fundamentally wrong with it. Wither or not my opinion is shared is a matter of choice on the parts of others.
I had gotten a Forward the other day from my Aunt, and after reading it, I was hell bent on writing a response. Not to my Aunt but the person who wrote it, since it is impossible to actually do that I sent it to my aunt. At the time the whole message of the forward just got me so irritated. I know it's silly, it's just text and at the end of the day utterly meaningless but then I got her reply.
I did half expect something along the lines of that's interesting. But not "I'm proud of you"
And then I burst into tears.
I have a hard time with that phrase, probably because I didn't hear it enough or the right way from my parents when I had lived with them. However, when I hear it from her I just end up sobbing.
The only thing that seemed to stop it was being frighted by my Bank's website talking to me. Good God I really wasn't expecting it or to have such a fright.
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In Sydney, AU day 12

Mood: Ache-y
Sounds: Die muhle im schwarzwald

It's funny how even after extensive planning and plotting, you realize later what you forgot and what you need. Since It would be a waste of money to buy a power cord for my laptop that would only work in Australia, when I go to the city tomorrow Ill purchase a USB stick to upload and download various articles I don't want to clutter Jamie's computer with.
Another item I wish I brought was band aids, and how deeply I wish there were some JUST for nails.
Friday is Jamie and his Mother's birthday so we're going out to eat at OSSO. I heard its a bit high class but I'll actually have to look at it and be the judge, hopefully I might be able to have a chance to dress up but that remains to be seen.
Another good thing coming my way is once I'm all better I'll be back in the pool, to keep in shape aside from Wii Fit there are two pools I have access to, one being down the lane from Jamie's work, the other at a gym his sister and father attend.
On the down side, I keep reading how all the lolita's back home, specifically in California are gearing up for the Baby the Stars Shine Bright store to open in San Francisco
Oh well at least when I return hopefully it won't be mobbed and I can just take my time shopping

Hopefully in my next post I'll be 100% reovered, and have some drawings and photos to post.
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In Sydney,AU day: 6

Mood: sick, again...
Sounds: Jamie's game (Cross Edge) and him fussing over me

well so far my vacation has been pretty good. The only downers have been food poisoning bycadbury's drinking chocolate, which by the way is incredibly delicious when not expired. The only reason I'm sick again is while out in the city far too many people smoke, which doesn't agree with my body, ever. On the plus side I've gone shopping, explored more places in the city, had DELICIOUS Aussie iced coffee, gone to a new indian resturant, and plenty
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Life ATM

Sadly this portion will have to be updated later because I'm currently not at home with my scanner
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