sorry for the lack of progress

I'm getting over the flu and I have some trauma to my right eye that's making it a bit hard to see.

I'll update soon
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Please allow me to freak out

I just discovered one of my favorite Japanese Novels, 'Gosick', has been turned into an anime and just aired its first episode yesterday!

Gosick blends my love of lolita/old world fashion/ Victorian/ with murder mysteries. I have all the novels in Japanese and whats currently available in English as well as what is available of the mange. Seriously I could not be happier!

I truly do love this series and will probably now obsess over getting much of the merchandise. Also to be honest it's not just the story I love but the artist behind the novels, Hinata Takeda. Her artwork is just stunning and I hope one day to be just as good as her.

fffff, I'm sorry I'm just beyond impossibly happy. I'm probably going to start doing nothing but fan art.


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Have yourself a merry little christmas

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Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday and that there isn't too much or any drama in your life.
The past week has been extremely busy for me with all the last minuet festivities. So I think I'll just do a photo dump of what I been up to. Fist off here's my little tree as promised. I'm sorry it looks so squished, I couldn't get to the original socket it had been plugged into so it had to be as close as possible to the PC. Sadly it knocked over some of my figures. Melissa, my first nendororoid sadly is a casualty.
I had purchased a wreath a while back but it had since then been bleached by the sun, so My Aunt and I decided to do some crafting and this was my updating of the old wreath.
On Wednesday, My younger brother and I went to Union Square and met up with one of my friends to pick up some last minuet Christmas gifts. In the Square they always erect a massive Christmas tree. It's just beautiful
Lots of the surrounding shops were decorated as well, sadly I was only able to grab this one, it was EXTREMELY packed.
The next evening my family and I attended Christmas in the Park, it was beyond packed so the photos I took were limited

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It's beguinning to look a lot like Christmas

Mood: Exhausted
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I'm free from my finals at AAU, This past semester was extremely rewarding and fulfilling for me and while I am excited for next semester, I'm thankful I have such a long break, I can get back to a regular sleep/eating/ everything schedule.


Here are some of the last assignments I had in my figure drawing class, for the final we had to redo two figures we had done previously and I really could see the change! Though it never changed my stance on using charcoal, I hate charcoal.


and now it's my favorite time of the year again!
I finally cleared away where my drawing easel use to be and put up my little tree that already has a few presents under it from my boyfriend. I'll post a photo of it next time.
Since classes didn't end until literally now I feel like I have to make up for lost time! I really want to go to Christmas in the Park and to see the Nutcracker ballet like I had when I was younger. Well who knows what may happen.

Now for the inevitable, what do I hope for this Christmas?

well as cheesy as it sounds, I really wished Jamie was here, I know he will e in February, but it feels like its a life time away and I hope to just continue at my school, it's really helped me blossom further than I had at my previous college.

For actual tangible items...
far too many to list to be honest. Though no one could go wrong with a box of rose flavored macarons with some tea from T2, Crown and Crumpet or Harrods.

Well for now I'm going to crawl back under the covers and sleep a little longer, it's just too cold and I'm still extremely tired.
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Angelic Pretty Opening


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